P​.​S. EP

by Laura K. Balke

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released February 22, 2006

Written and performed by Laura K. Balke
Recorded and mixed by Mike Adams
clashing, banging and clanging by Mike Adams, Frank Schweikhardt and Tim Felton



all rights reserved


Laura K. Balke Indianapolis, Indiana

Brought up in a small town amongst the fields of Northern Indiana, Laura K. Balke has been crafting songs from her surroundings and inner workings ever since she picked up her mother's guitar at the age of 13. On the heels of her third full-length record, Rumors & Legends, Balke's time is split between touring and the welcome juxtaposition of residing in Indianapolis. ... more

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Track Name: Pocket Change
Can I just be the change in your pocket?
You could count me up, and maybe there would be enough
To hail a taxi and get you out of here
Can I just be the laces on your shoes?
All tied up in a bow
I'd never let you trip and fall, oh no

I'd be any little thing just to help you on your way
Just to help your life tomorrow to be better than today
I think you know the spot
where I faded into the woodwork
But if not, all the same I will be your pocket change

Can I just be the footsteps on the stairs
That let you know you're not alone if you get scared
Can I just be your favorite song?
Playing in the supermarket
I know that you would sing along
and you'd smile at me then


Can I just be
the bench where you could finally take a seat?
You don't have to know it's me
Just rest those weary feet

Track Name: As You Will
You may say that I am just a fool
chasing ideals so far away, well I've caught a few
And that's why I throw myself out on the line
Vulnerable just like the last time
I just can't gaurd myself though I've been hurt
So whatever you are is just what I deserve

Take me as you will, you can hold me close
or toss me aside and I will try again, still
I've been given the faith
to believe in this blessed human race
And I will

I know that I am susceptible
I've seen the risk
felt indifference, tasted bitterness
But who taught you how to live that you'd die so easily?
I know that love exists only because it's been
shown to me

I'll take you as you are
But let's dig until we uncover the stars
I've seen enough grace
to believe in this fallen human race
Do you?

Take it as you will
Love is a gift that's given whether or not you open it
I know it takes faith
to believe in this cursed human race
But I do
Track Name: Home Tonight
When I get lonely I buy ridiculous things
Like the latest Teen Vogue or a CD from Blink
It's not like they could compensate for you
But they keep my mind filled and that's all I can do

I just don't have it in me
To make this dead town come alive
I'm not asking you to come over, I know
It's a long drive
But you could make this strange apartment feel like
Home tonight

Yeah I heard abou the show
Just couldn't find a reason to get up and go
It's hard when it's so easy to be alone
But I stayed behind, I should have know

It was nice of you to call me
And no, I'm not depressed
I just want some company things haven't been the best
I'm not asking you to come over, I know
It's getting late tonight
But I don't want a conversation we'll just get
Tangled up in these phone lines
These phone lines

I just don't have it in me
In this dead town it's hard to feel alive
I'm not asking you to come over I know
It's a long drive
I'm just a lost little girl
Who wants to go home tonight
Home tonight
Track Name: Branches
I'm ready to unfold the years
That keep me boxed in grown-up fears
and smile like I did when I was ten
As life play out before my eyes I see it
For the first and last time
Because today isn't something that will happen again

You are like a tree that holds me in it's branches
I can see so far from here
When I think I need a hand to hold
You remind me I am held in your hand

I'm not afraid of falling
I know you'll catch me in the boughs
Of love that always find me when I cry out
But what I am afraid of is amking it all by myself
And so I pray you'll keep me broken and bowed

Track Name: Money
My car is in the shop again
Had to replace the timing belt
Before it broke and crashed my valves and the engine
The receptionist is handing me my keys
And I'm handing her a stack of money

Tens, twenties and fives
It's just paper but it's how we stay alive

So this is where the money goes
Feeding my mechanic's kids and buying their clothes
And yet I still complain about how much I've gotta pay
When this is how they get by from day to day

I was checking out at the store
Just chatting with the cashier and I wasn't sure
But It'd be funny if some of the ones I paid with were
What she left me when I waited on her

That's twenty-one ninety-five
It's just paper but it's how we stay alive

So this is where the money goes
Running around in circles
I pay my bills so that you can pay yours
And yet I still complain about how much I've gotta pay
When this is how you get by from day to day

I don't want to look at people
like they're only pocketbooks
Or adopt any such outlook
I don't want to look at money as only
What it can get for me
It's someone else's livelihood
Track Name: Gates
I got to thinking today
About what I'd have to lose
If all that I believed in wasn't true
And I hope it would be everything
'Cause that's what faith means

Even if I die and there are no pearly gates I will say
"He was a faithful friend"
And even if there were but he wouldn't let me in
I will say "he was righteous 'till the end"

I'd be a fool to think I could never deny you
I don't know you like Peter did
I'm not looking for an escape from hell when I die
What I want's a life of worth and I am a believer
That the kingdom of heaven begins on earth
At the moment of our rebirth


Father, I haven't been the best daughter
Jesus, you've saved me more than once
Spirit, I haven't been the best follower
But god you are the faithful one
Track Name: Summertime
If we were next door neighbors
I would ring the doorbell and ask
Your mother if you could come out
We'd turn cartwheels down the hill
And feast on the mullberriies
That grow across the street
At the end of the day we'd fall asleep
With grass-stained knees and dirty feet

I wish it was the summertime
With no place to go, except your house
I wish it was the summertime
With no job except a paper route

We could make daisy chains out of clovers
For the lack of daisys in my yard
We could dress up for high tea
Then dig through the trash at Sue's Auction Barn
I don't have to be home 'till the streetlight comes on
Let's make a day of it
Bring your lunch along

I wish it was the summertime
With no place to go except your house
I wish it was the summertime
With no job except a paper route